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Order Box Instructions

Hello, Welcome to Mini Bestiie by Jahnae. 

Please add box to cart right below this. If the baby is 12mo and under you can choose Personalized Baby Box. For toddlers 12mo to 5t you can choose Toddler Box. Right under adding box to cart you will then continue on to Inquiry form.  On the inquiry form you will then let me know how you would like your baby box customized with colors, theme, baby name, etc. If you want to add more items to box please go to the next page and add on items. Once inquiry is submitted please continue to check out to complete order. If an inquiry form is submitted but no box has been added to cart and payment processed, your order will not be completed. If you want to create your own order you can go to the shop page and select what you would like customized. (please be advised this does not come with a box ) 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for all orders at this time due to high order demand.


Inquiry Form

Please fill out form to get box personalized for baby

Thanks for submitting!

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